Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Die a Log !!

I know not who made me
I know all that I live n see
I survived many a storm of feet
I grew up amongst sun, wind n sleet.

I was brought up very well
So much I have to tell
We all grew together
Come If,But or whether!!

Co habiting and Co existing
Without violence in meeting
Sharing that was given to us
Without a tear,shout or fuss!

Many a human came and went
Some plucked,picked or made a dent
Some cared,admired and even shared
Some thought , wondered but not dared!

A seed to sapling I anew
From plant to tree I grew
Insects, beasts and reptiles
Silt,sand, stones and dung piles!

Happy to flower ,bloom, fruit and shed
To the life of Happiness and Harmony wed
Living with the wind,sun,rain and earth
My happiness knew no dearth!

Growing tall was not all
For even I was bared in the fall
Priviledge wasn't a goal to meet
We all had well grounded feet!

But came there a storm
No one would be unharmed
If there was fair weather
We all swayed and sung together!

Nature is a wonderful Mother
Doesn't distinguish One from the Other
Why doesn't The Human take our example
Why does he weed,cut and trample ?

~The greens

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