Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharing....Where is India Going?

I am not really an authourity to write about such a topic.... but I would like to share my thoughts with the Suleka Community!
Having been born in a shanty chawl due to my father's poverty, whatever I am and will be till the day I die will be on the 'plus' side.I have no biases therefore about 'ego and economic status'.Due to the background I come from, due to my father and sister, I have had many a chance to choose and enjoy the benefits they could have led me to.  I had dreamt of a career in the IFS(Indian Foreign Service) but alas, fate and destiny had something else in mind.So here I sit with my task and duties, looking at what has happened here ,in India,right in front of my eyes.
Politics during my childhood and Politicians for that matter had a better and higher place in Society. The Films(now Bollywod) was a low esteem career.Business was for those with contacts,Money and Hard work. Education was a 'star on your shoulder' field. lawyers were most revered and Doctors were Gods.Engineers,Scientists,Pilots,etc... were a very Intelligent and God Blessed Lot!
The dynamics have changed greatly! Everything is topsy turvy!Priorities and importances have changed,Reverences has been altered,Values and Respect has shifted,Perspectives altered due to the approach by their own doings!!
Wealth, Money,Power has made' man '; inhuman,insensitivand immoral!We have no good IDOLS to follow.No one to respect and No profession is unquestionable to follow.Politics is everywhere alongwith avarice.Grab what you can get and don't worry about the fellow humans...there are too many of them around ! lol !
We have made ourselves worthless by over producing!!!! Humans aren't rare therefore of the least value.'Pure Economics' Need and supply!! The Figures are mind boggling and so therfore is the destruction by and of Humankind!
Man is digging his own grave...... ...Here we are trying to have a new President and there they are fighting about Priministerial Candidates!!! Oh what a laugh!
We pay tax and yet they keep taxing our brains and giving us stress and leading us all to all kinds of attacks !!!!
Can't we people think,act,behave??? Where is our great culture and history?Do we have morals,ethics,reason??
I and not trying to be pessimistic but I want us all to wake up  and awaken others! I want all of us to start a true,real,sincere,heartfelt that mankind will start looking at things with a 'Proper' perspective and lead towards a 'good' path of peace,progress and posterity'
Amir Khan is intelligent and sincere enough doing his bit! What are 'we' doing? Is the empathy in humankind dead?Do we have no ''DUTY"? Are we only going to fight for our "RIGHTS" ??
Look at your Nation! Do it for our national pride!
So Vivekananda was so right! -Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached....
Where is the road we are walking on, taking us to?

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Vinay said...

very good post...worth reading...we need to wake up and tackle the problems rather than just gossiping and complaining about them...