Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feel So Blessed And This Is Why...

I have been blessed with 3 children and I thank my wife for that! 2 girls and a boy. Let me clarify he is not the youngest but my second child.
Kirti,the Eldest was lucky to get to model for a children's company called "Gini&Jony" when she was in school and immediately did a 13 episode serial called "Saath Saath'' on DD1 (Door Darshan). That was quite an achievement in the school days.She has now grown up into a smart lady and is working for a hair Trichology company as a Senior Hair Technician.
Rishi,the second is my son who due to his schooling in a boarding school in Panchgani took to the liking for 'Mother Nature' and it's creations.He handled snakes and scorpions etc. at a small age and soon was a "Sarp Mitra" (friend of snakes) and worked for social causes.He took up photography when I saw some of his clicked pictures and told him that he had an eye for Good frames.Three  years ago he won the first prize for for a Wild Life Photography Competition 2010 held by Vasundhara outdoors and holidays - Nature Kids club.I was happy to receive the prize on his behalf from a personal friend Kiran Purandare :-  who was the main judge.We both were taken by surprise.Later he was into rock/wall climbing and also Motorbike racing. He won 2 second place prizes at Mumbai and Pune in the KTM Orange Day Races.Seeing his podium pictures I was an enthralled and happy father.  He now is into experimenting breeding of 'fresh water prawns'..
The latest surprise was from my youngest  daughter Naina, who is working as a floor manager and assistant director in KBC is ‘Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati’ on ETV Marathi.So enthusiastically watching the show with my mother, when I saw her name come up in the credits scrolled at the end of each show I was a smiling,and  a very happy father who felt deeply blessed.She has done this as her own choice of profession and I hope she achieves greater success. I hope All 3 of them do in their respective fields..
I wanted to express gratitude and heartfelt blessings and happiness by the maker showered upon me through this small blog!


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