Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Solar Water Heating in India - Safety Measures!

Solar Water Heating  System (SWHS)  may sound so dry a topic in my blog. I do  not blame you,I have to justify tough why I have chosen to write about it.

I am basically an Arts faculty student and that too with Political Science and History of the west as my subjects.My attempt to study BA and then MA in Public Admn. in preparation to appearing for IFS failed badly as my father's political life,my grandfather's health all were a big hurdle. Pune was my final destination as my children wanted to study here and so I had to choose a future.... that I did in Renewable Energy which I thought would be the future business and need ...all this in 2001.

Having learnt all of it (Solar Power) from scratch as a layman and field worker, I am aware of more or less every difficulty in the field.I take this knowledge to share with my friends and acquaintances of some highlights....

" An incidence of 'Scalding' burning of skin by  hot water resulted in the ultimate death of a person." Can this be true? Yes very much so.It was a wake up call for me !! It should be one to those who 'use' as well as 'deal' in Solar Hot Water applications.

1) Safety
2) Quality
3) Ease in Utility
4) Comfort
5) Technical Installation
6) Knowledge of Use/misuse
7) Adept agency

Companies like Honeywell have 'Anti Scald' valves.Forget the could cost your life/health.
Solar systems are fit in:-
a) Hostels
b) Hotels
c) Hospitals
d)Old age homes,
e) NGOs for the challenged
f) Industries
g) Residential Homes
h) Housing complexes

What happens;- Solar water heater produces uncontrolled hot water in summer, even steam. During this period hot water requirement is less/nil & generation is maximum.This non-usage further leads to overheating to higher temperatures. forming scales Ca Mg (calcium-magnesium),  leaking joints, fittings, gaskets etc.

A solution has to be provided for non-usage & overheating apart from scald protection.

This is done by anti-scald valve known as TM50 --It's "features'' are as follows:-

· Powerless: No external power is required like electricity or battery for operation. GREENVALVE
·   Anti Scald: hot-water inlet  automatically cuts off instantaneously if the cold water supply fails.*
·   Anti chill: cold-water inlet  automatically cuts off instantaneously if hot water supply fails.*
These two points makes valve safe for children and senior citizens.
·   Fluctuation in supply of hot or cold water makes proportional change in respective ports, which results in set uniform temperature water at the outlet.
·   Saves water: Initial water runoff from hot-water end succeeds control action by valve when hot water starts flowing. Initial water runoff from cold-water end does not take place. In case of no water at hot end, valve shuts off.
·  Entire control loop in 1 package: It includes Temp. sensor, PID controller, Actuator & control valve.
·   Compact size.
·  Sensor is built in, placed in flow for best feedback control, no separate mounting/fitting is required.
·   Simple setting of required water temperature by knob.
·   No specific maintenance is required under normal operating conditions.
·   Valve operation is gradual hence does not produce surges in piping(water hammer)
·   Valve operation is silent

All SWHS users,manufacturers (especially installers) please take serious note of all this.for further detailed enquiry I have a contact for technical support and supply.     >

I hope I have evoked enough of thoughts in you to make you think in the right direction.

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