Thursday, August 6, 2015

Learning from life's unending process

On the road completing 59 years of existence.....and I keep learning lessons.

No one is forced or by the judiciary made to learn from living. It has to be within you! Your life and destiny are all pre written. What you do forcibly with stubbornness is also included. So beware, do not try and challenge the ultimate.

I learn from life...which is a premise. Logically is a way of thought by humans, while the course destiny or fate take is everything but that!

Civil society is man made...artificial. It is an outcome of Human psychological study.All rules are manmade. Science is the principle and Human psychology is the base. All institutions and relations are conceived. A common denominator is preconceived but all things are judged in "normal' human behavioral conditions. A study by our highly experienced and knowledgeable ancestors has brought about  " A civilized society " with a set of norms and rules.

Things change and so do situations. Relevances re-arise.....contexts change and so do situations.

Acceptance of ground reality is a must and practicality should be the Human base.Life has no places for dreams....which are human wishes..they can be biased or from the semi consciousness...

What one sows reaps.Truth will always prevail and justice may be earlier denied but ultimately executed.My experience is of "pure blessings". Thanking the creator for everyday is like a person working for a "boss" and thanking  the maker for not having Kicked you out !!

If an individual does not have the capacity or intelligence to understand....then to expect things to happen all of a is sheer HOPE ! Expecting miracles is having too much of HOPE ..."all the time"

Each person is " Unique ". Making people think the way you do is foolish..... trying to make them understand is logical and sensible.....Expecting all to react according to your absolutely frustrating.

You hope... you pray you get +ve results...... that is all !!

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