Monday, October 1, 2007

personal belief

I am sure "each to his/her own" is the final truth.No one is equal, and no one can be forced to do and act as someone else wants one to.All men and women are born equal is a natural myth.Nature believes in diversity.Repition is man's(human) way of making things easy.All can't go on like the moon and the stars.Change is the rule of life and 'Life' goes on.If all do and react in the same manner , we will have a problem at hand.All will be predictable and that is what 'Life' isn't.
The human is an intelligent product of nature but not Nature itself or it's creator or commander.Let each literate person know for sure that you can't lead the reigns of the 'Life' cart as per his/her control.One can only understand what one has to go by rather than make things happen in a particular way.
I humbly bow to the creator whoever He/she/It.....What a world !!! and what planning!!! and what execution!!!! Just Unbelievable....just enjoyable and live able!!!

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