Sunday, June 15, 2008

Earthquakes,Tornadoes,Rain,Volcanic Eruptions,Natural disasters....

Man has no answer for the wrath of nature, yet he will not abide by nature's rules. When are we going to understand this? We have come a full circle and go on committing the same mistake of satisfying the Human EGO.
Nature's GEO won't allow that.You are spoiling your child's future and not honouring your gift from our four fathers.It is a legacy to be looked after,cared for and carefully enjoyed,not usurped.
Our Great possession namely Mother Earth is not being loved and cared for, the human is practically raping it! What a shame!
Making things for ones pleasure at the cost of ?? Never a thought of the final result.Pleasure is but a temporary thing of which man gets bored and then goes for something new repeating the same thing over and over again!
I wasn't brought up that way. My father always was angered by the demand of dowry by the groom and his family. He said what is the use of education to all ? The more you study the more you demand from the bride's father.Robbing Peter to pay Paul as goes the saying!What if the bride's father is not a rich man? he then goes begging or borrowing or stealing!
Corruption is the first baby of the marriage to be! Demands that are forced and unnecessary making a pitiful figure of the female child's parent. This follows everywhere today! Be it getting admission in a school(donations) ,Getting a job(headhunters),Getting a driving license(agents),Buying a house(money under the table) registering it, Man milking man !! at every step.
No respite, for man goes on the rampage polluting soil,water and air.Creating carbon dioxide,making a blare. Making night if day and vice verse ! Innovation food for ill health(salt,oil,sugar,cream,fast food) Cutting trees and digging mountains, covering the earth making it difficult to breathe. Plastic,asbestos,thermacole,etc.....the imperishable pollutants!
Surely he has to face the wrath of Nature.Live by it human for you are doomed!!!!

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