Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shri Swami Samarth - revealed.

Akkalkotcha Sakshaat Parmeshwar: “Shri Swami Samarth”

A Rare treat to all Swami Samarth Followers: - An all encompassing, unique collection is available now .These books which are in 2 parts has been compiled and is there for those who would like to have it.
Part-1 has in it Philosophical (Adhyatmic) articles in Prose which include teachings of Swami Samarth along with his various “Avatars” and his “Leelas”. This part also has opinions of well known Contemporary Saints of his time.
Part-2 has the poetry in forms of rare “Stotras”, “Prasadik- Dhyan Shlokas”.It has a collection of ‘Aartis’ sung in various Swami Samarth Mathas. There is for the followers
‘Swami Shastranaam’ or you could say ‘Swaminamawali’

All this with a special highlight of rare B&W photographs taken by Kodak Co. Various rare coloured pictures , and photos of his very close disciples!

Contact: Pradeep Raste Cell: 9823723101 Tel : 020 65211157

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