Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Deserving birth?

Looking back it all seems that I have been truly blessed.Now by looking back I do not just mean my life ! I mean there is such a long queue of have nots behind me that makes me feel blessed!
"One tends to forget" conveniently of course. A blind eye as it is known ,towards what 'You' have received this life from the Almighty.I remember a hoarding put up by the then President of the Society for the handicapped Mr. Vijay Merchant near churchgate ,mumbai...Saying.....alongwith a visual of a boy sitting on a wall crying " I cried because, I had no shoes.....until I saw a Boy without Feet! ",
There are always those who 'Have' those who 'Don't'.....Those who 'Have' do not value "IT "always or even most of the time.....But those who 'Do Not' always treasure "IT".
Learn to thank and enjoy what you 'Have' rather than cry over what you "Don't" Bless yourself and take full advantage and live a life of gratitude !!
Do not waste time in looking at and feeling jealous over what others have, it is illusion."the grass on the other side is always greener (psychologically).
I have learnt it the hard I pass it on.............

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