Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Suddenly all seems so well !!

I am so wonderfully at peace.......having seen ,lived,enjoyed,suffered,dreamt,received,and so much more in this particular life has been a sweet revealation !! I cannot and will not complain.One has no choice over one's birth and therfore Death too.Logically follows >No control over anything in between too ! Have you an answer ?
Life is a continuos cycle with all parameters set for each individual.Karma is Action ! Your thoughts performed !! Body is the vehicle of the 'Soul'(life)...Science knows What the body is made of and How it performs.Having given all pre-requisites can You put life in it ? Can you decide then who will that Human's parents will be ?>> Interesting isn't it?
Looking for answers and rational discussions.....I feel so well and at peace!

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