Friday, October 5, 2007

It's time Hillary Clinton is nominated and becomes A President.

The world needs a shake up(shake down) to realise that woman is also as human and as deserving as man.
It has been proven beyond doubt that woman is no less or more but an equal when it comes to "natural existence".The rules of nature are not made by man, but by a force that humans have no control over.I am sure there are predominant and stronger characters as per their constitutional make up but humans are governed without their own will.Destiny and Fate is a reality and the script is already written.We are all subject to circumstance and react to situations.The results are unknown to US but have been predestined.
Desmond Morris, Sigmund Freud,Charles Darwin etc....would interpret life as it is or answer questions and doubts, but to predict a reaction of 'Human" nature is only a shot in the dark: for it can be totally out of Man's logic.
You study and try and analyse but to guarantee a particular result or reaction is very difficult and unsure.I feel that every time something happens, there has to be to it a newer perspective and angle.That's what Life is about. 'Ever changing' and subjective.Change is a 'truth' to be remembered by man,who takes too many things for granted.
All this makes Life so interesting and challenging.Everyday a new day and every moment a new 'light'.

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