Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stock Market, American Elections, Terrorism

What a fantastic combination.All happening !!! I wonder if this was our choice for a Good World. People falling into things unknown to them.A living time many will survive?
The sensex neither makes sense nor has anything to do with sex! Man wants to make money,speculate,gamble,become 'rich' and then The moneyed want to spend it,use it,squander it,empower themselves...what all and those who do not have or want what they can't..terrorise others to give it to them..All different means to the same end!!!
I wonder whether man has 'wanderlust' or is a 'wonderlust'.Why is he digging his own grave all the time? there are better things to do to a bigger lot of people rather than to just our own selves!! Come on have a bigger heart!!Grow up and mature ! The human is made of better and wiser stuff . The stock markets only create fear in the financial world...The American elections just go to show that all politicians are like chameleons...The terrorists as it is have lost reason so can't be harnessed or chained.All the three can only be aggravated by every which way we can think of.
Man hasn't learnt from "History" and never will...therefore the saying: 'History repeats itself'
'Terrorism 'any which way used creates only fear and panic.The voters do it to politicians,the brokers do it stock markets and the extremists do it to ordinary people.I wonder whether good sense can come only after loss and annihilation?Can't we see RED beforehand?Have we all become selfish and senseless?I need answers....
Try hard as I might I can't see why precious TIME,MONEY and THOUGHT is lost by media on frivolous things.Is the way to draw attention only SENSATIONALISM.Are we going to learn the one and only way of CAPITALISM by going all out for TRP Ratings alone?Do we not have a sense of duty.Is the Freedom of The Press being mis or under utilised?
Don't we have sensible,responsible,gentlemanly people to be our leaders?Do we not have Good people come to help our country irrespective of being wealthy?A poor man stand no chance to fight an election for he has no "FUNDS",however intelligent and capable he may be.
Educationists and Politicians seems to be one and the same.How come? 'cause they (political people) own all the institutions!! I doubt we will have good the Teachers have so little in them and but pawns to the Big Tacticians !!
The great big divide in all the countries world wide is but obviously growing!! The Rich are getting Richer and the poor are but a helpless lot!

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