Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here's another Year....and I must heed to it !

December was really about proving to myself that things could be done ...if worked for !!!That destiny would have them was another thing.The music album for my friend ,philosopher ,guide Mr Narayandas Chotia was finally made and all credit to my friend Anand Modak.
The year ended with a beautiful and peaceful visit to Nagpur (Vikas Ashram) for 'Dutta Jayanti' and to Akola for the Annual remembrance of A great soul Mr Sardeshmukh and His wife Mrs. Leelatai, who passed away on the same day 15 years later.I am what I am, due to their guidance and live peacefully due to their blessings.
The year has ended and a new one has begun, giving me rays of hope and tons of confidence that I will be always blessed.I have a brand new faith and strength.I will only ask more strength to deliver better.Achievement of satisfaction and peace is my main goal as is giving happiness to my friends and well wishers.
I pray that I am able to help all those I can and share all what I have with those that need...God give me strength...

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