Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton finally makes it.

In India, miles away but so glued to the TV, I waited for a favourable result....I had a smile on my face finally.I was truly upset with the Iowa results but then I understood this had to happen.Too much of the campaign shouldn't be taken for granted.The Clintons finally learnt a lesson and I am sure it will be a tough but a decent fight for the party Nomination.I only wish that In India we have a right to choose candidates too,for whichever election.We end up here just choosing the better from the ordinary and useless ones.The Less harmful if I may say so.
The involvement of politicians in the people's problems and the growth of a Nation or at least the areas they represent is very important as is their capacity and intelligence to do so.Educational qualifications should be required and so also their record of the past.Politicians in this country make a business out of it and are very selfish,self centred and unethical hypocrites too.I am happy I am away from it all, but my heart cries out.
Where are the people of this great country India going? There should be a better thought process with a view of the future.The social and moral self made police should be taught proper lessons and the government organisations should be pulled up with lessons of principle and responsible commitment.We are going towards self destruction.Humans are utmost uncaring creed now.They have no justified reasons to fight and are fanatical about all the wrong issues.There is need for a campaign of awareness and debate.I wish all the media wastes least time over issues and items that are useless and that the prime time and monies are used for good news which is productive,informative,promotes good thought ,gives good lessons,pats the right people on there backs making the world a place with an optimistic future.They are doing all the wrong things and exposing people to things they should not be and teaching and imbibing the wrong thoughts in the minds of simple souls.
Well that's as far I can do ,I am but an individual citizen of India.

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