Monday, January 21, 2008

Land,Water and Food

Looks like these 3 will be the most important for survival ultimately.The land in India is on fire....the prices are scorchingly high ! Water has to be preserved throughout the year or we might be like southern Australia, in Melbourne..a bad scene....Not enough water !! We have to be a disciplined lot.The use of resources has to be very economical and conservative. Food is going to be expensive !! The average cost of food has gone up..Wheat which was Rupees 8-10 per Kg. is costing 100% more..Meat which was 18 Rs. per Kg. is now 200/-.
Where are we going to end this all. We are not in control of our population.The figures speak so loudly ! The game is all there in Numbers !! "The more you create in Need, the More you need to Create for Demand " We are playing a stupid cat and mouse game. Losing our way,creating trouble for ourselves (Humanity) is being put at risk.
The use of 'weapons' for the wrong purposes,The use of 'Plastic', Automobiles and Planes, misuse of "drugs", Lure of 'sex' for any kind of promotion except 'love between humans'....the list is endless...Less we end it ourselves,quickly!!
The maturity is lost in "acquisition" of "material" goods. The richness of culture,education,upbringing,ethics, all lost in the race towards becoming "Rich"in wealth!! alone. So much is done by us in such a short while that we do not have anything left to do but to abuse what we then have and so create the 'evil' of vulgar extravagance of all kinds.
God surely must be repenting his creation of the human...Food,water,shelter..will always be a priority but should we do all this to get it?...I wonder........

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