Sunday, May 3, 2015

Could the Media Be more responsible to Make a Better Society

I will enter my 60th year soon this year....

I have grow up from a 'Chawl' in a town with a Municipal council in the Berar region of Vidarbha.
Now Values and Culture are too big words for my understanding.I have my own thoughts about LIfe Living and Livelihood.

I consider myself blessed to have been born to such parents,,,and I am sure many are too.
I believe in 'destiny and fate'.I believe there is some power call it what you may...He She It....

I have too many things in my life so presented that I can't call them coincidences !!!

I belong to one of those generations in which we have seen the MOST possible....From foot,carts,cars to Jets and Rockets. From sent humans messages ,letters,telegrams to mobile ,satellite phones to Ipods.

The change is beyond imagination and real! I can't deny the growth of human achievement. Alongwith the values of Technology and Material importance created by the human.

I am also very sad to see the other side of the coin .....Man is growing and care seem to lose value and importance. The wanting is more than Need and the Desire is more than contentment.

True Life values are losing their importance and existence..... The machine is taking over Man.

Show is blinding reality... falsity and superficiality is eclipsing genuine Purity.

Everything is in terms of Business..... What will you get ? If you do this ? then Why? The Word is losing it's power...Assurance is no Insurance today!

Money is taken away from us by False promises, dreams and Imaginative possibilities. Time is wasted along with energy and Wealth in pursuance of Capitalistic fibs and lies. An eyewash and entry into the world of Stress and Agony.

True so called Values and Culture is not at all Shown and publicised by ALL Media. Grabbing money from the common man's pocket is it's biggest crime.

Media is the fourth estate and has an important part to play in this modern world of communication.

Please ask your conscience and be more Responsible...... Print , Audio, Video, Internet... all media please delve in your hearts and souls.....

Think of King Ashoka who had it all and then realised....... are you waiting for doom?

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