Friday, May 22, 2015

She came thus...

She came thus...
~ C M Vairale

A surprise by my youngest
put us all to a test
I want to get married
The boy is chosen, not to be worried
Lo behold there 2 before her
An elder sister and a brother
The planets and stars say now
Or else it will be late and how
Parents meet and decide to twine
a marriage ceremony no dinner wine
Basics with minimum carbon footprint
last date available no cards to print
All and in gear the wife and daughters
Off to the market to do all that matters
How now, holy cow where is the money
so there she come driving it's not funny
A list for the purchases and making
shopping in the heat,ready for baking
But a wedding awaits who cares
to plan,shop,order time no one spares
She came thus.. many days later
the wedding of her daughter to cater
keeping the family concern alive
Or else life's lost and won't thrive.

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