Friday, May 22, 2015


~ C M Vairale

Why is the inquisitive one
How is the scientist speaking
When is the restless being
What is the surprised human
Which is the doubtful person
Why and when is an the eternal query
How and why a persisting doubt
When and How is always in introspect
Why and What always a mystery
Why and Which answers to reason
Instead of enjoying the answers to life
we waste our time and energy in questions
Instead of utilising what we 'have'
we while away our acumen in what we don't
One life, so little time
One self so little else
Priorities decided by the "so Sigh iety"
everything in comparison and no originality
All for a show and ego trip
one's happiness lost in other's grip
The real world never ever wandered
all in outer space is squandered
False religions,caste ,creed and Egos
Wrong ethics,morals and priority logos
The real friend and family forgotten
the forced marriage institution rotten
It should be thus, this and there
no reasons and truth stern anywhere
Love,Kindness,compassion,care gone for a toss
With all false wants and demands at a loss
Male chauvinism and humanity at a cross
Proving to the artificial manmade world ....
who is the Boss

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