Friday, May 22, 2015

Truly Shaken

Truly Shaken
Chandrashekhar M Vairale

Switching on the Tablet
with no inkling of the news
Reading the message bullets
just made me blow the fuse
Quakes all over the North east
Like a sudden escape of a beast
Fears of all magnitudes came to mind
whether from below ,above or hind
Disaster spelling it's own alphabet
perish,hurt and death were all met
towers,buildings,avalanches all came down
Temples,Historical edifices, also of the crown
Locals ,tourists,young and old
weak,strong,meek and also the bold
Race religion and colour no bar
buses,trucks,vehicles slung afar
Out went lights,bridges and roads
Bricks,walls,roofs,poles, wooden boards
The earth behaved as if the Sky had fallen
Merry making happy faces all sullen
The tremors went on and on from below the earth
the shivers in humans souls aplenty, no dearth
Tears flowed and so did blood everywhere
People running helter skelter, here and there
May humanity rise to this Nature's fury
Go on doing all one can without query
Learning from this a lesson till death
Disaster comes unannounced with stealth
So enjoy what you have each n every moment
don't be satirical, cynical and just comment
Nature has kept you in her kind care
So enjoy,live , don't just challenge and dare.

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