Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Inspect,in retrospect

Inspect,in retrospect
~C M Vairale
Born a Male
has it's own tale
to enjoy,succeed and not fail
Sitting with comfort like in a rail
Male chauvinism all around
high in the air,never on ground
Right to do whatever and choose
Never afraid of a social noose
As a child you grow
later you come to know
girls are your whim n fancy
be it Anne , Mary or Nancy
As you mature so does need
enticing you in a life of greed
Coming of age you want satisfaction
Thinking of ways to relieve one's tension
Society has a proper institution
Avoiding the road to prostitution
Marriage is the vehicle of carriage
Legal for the weak,strong or average
Choose a girl of your choice to mate
Whether you love, like or hate
Both tied in the social bonding
the road unknown ,high,low or winding
Doesn't the girl have a choice
Why be tied in by a parental vice
Like the man she too would want a virgin
Not like a car in 'no entry' to barge in
Having that thought in mind always
I never let my mind travel it's ways
A rude shock though awaited
when my own partner was baited
Surely no poetic justice was made
Should have I in my life have strayed?
Life can be rude and so can society
Which has no love ,consideration or pity
How can the human lure with vice
in to greed,money,wealth and avarice?
Is there no human without easy virtue
leading this life, proving to be true?
Many a Man and Woman self centred
Spoil the social fabric torn and ruptured
Compassion,Empathy,Consideration unseen
Not bothered,daunted, selfish and Mean.

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