Friday, May 22, 2015

It is tough

It is tough 
~~C M Vairale

To go against the Wave of Human habit
To dance,skip,walk and not hop like a rabbit
To not follow age old ways and rituals
To change and have modern norms for nuptials
Ages have gone by and the world moves on
Yet society wants you to follow bygone
In our caste this and our religion that
Just following blindly and copying pit pat
Are there any shoulds & musts to get married
Should one do it at any cost and n not be worried
Is the guest list binding to the parent's invite
with no compassion, care in the relative light
Spending more than required really
showing off the world,your's truly
Finances all tight and short of coming
isn't a serious simple marriage becoming
Make this, give that on their feet lay your hat
Are we not one team, both to bowl and bat?
Uncaring relatives and jealous relations
making snide remarks and muttering insinuations
The occasion is that of happiness and joy
Not that of conniving exploitation and ploy
The families grow and extend themselves
All are human ot wolves, foxes and elves
Sacred be and stay this man made institution
Not a reason to fight, die and plead execution
May the new world and new born be given hope
And not make the couple's parents difficult to cope.

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