Monday, May 4, 2015

Writing a letter....a waning habit.

Looking back a lot has changed and continues to at a deadly pace.

A simple thing like communication by letters.Gone are those days of a Postcard,Inland letter and more so the International Mail letter (Aerogramme).

I remember being a Letter-In-charge in my school SSPMS Pune. All boarders were supposed to write at least one letter every week.It was to be collected ,noted and shown to the Principal. If one did not do so,he would be questioned. Good habits were inculcated by parents and in school.Gone are those days when one is taught the right things ,especially by example.Surely, electronics is the culprit for many a thing and for it's influence on human life and living.

I would love to pen my thoughts in letters.I also would dream of better pens,inks and nibs to write.Possession of a classy pen would be a treasure.Pages and pages flowed as I wrote due to the streaming flow of thoughts.In fact, in search of more friends to write to ,I joined the IYS (International Youth Society) and made friends (Pen Pals). I had a long time Pen pal from the year 1972 who wrote back till the year 2000.Why so suddenly the letters stopped has been a mystery.I did try to get her on the Internet but alas.She was from Tasmania.

Making use of a medium for the right(write) purpose is important.Snail mail as it is called has it's own charm and personal touch.I miss this but have settled down to blogs and internet writings.Having made quite  few social groups, the satisfaction of a letter to and from a friend is still missed out on.

Things one cannot express by voice can be very well described by words on paper.The paper also serve to b a living document and a proof that can be passed on well into history.A letter can be read and reread without electric power.I can be carried along as reassurance.It can explain a lot of detail without fear or shame.The written word,promise,accolade etc... is 'Priceless'

I would never stop writing if I could but typing isn't my forte' and too much can be

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